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"So, Uncutting, what do you hope to achieve from this blog?"


-To help others recognize the negative aspects of circumcision and the lack of positives, and ultimately to persuade them not to subject their children to such a questionable procedure.

-To inform others of the functions and benefits of having a foreskin, in both sexual and non-sexual situations, and the relative lack of problems that allows 85% of the world’s penis-bearing population to live their lives just fine without being circumcised.

-To inform others of the existence of foreskin restoration, the accessibility and relative ease of the process, how to go about it, and its overall effectiveness in reversing much of the physical and emotional harm incurred from circumcision.

-To put to rest the idea that routine infant circumcision is a small-fries issue that only an extremist fringe cares about.

-To teach people some useful and/or interesting things about sex and genitals they may not have previously known.

-To encourage open and comfortable discussions about issues pertaining to sex and genitals.

-To emphasize that most sexual acts are healthy and nothing to be ashamed of, but also a personal choice that nobody needs to be made ashamed of for not doing, either.

-To encourage people to feel as proud of and positive towards their own bodies as possible, to embrace natural variation, and to feel that no part of them (including their genitals) is “wrong” or “shameful.”

-All in all, to address some important issues that not everybody frequently thinks about, but to have some fun at the same time.


I just saw someone saying that female circumcision was so bad but male circumcision was harmless and ok or some bs

how about no circumcision?

i think the world could do without nonbeneficial, non-consensual, mutilation of baby genitals for religious/aesthetic purposes

Thank you for this blog <3 My "question" to you, as a European female, where the majority of the male population is uncut, am developing a crush on an American male (cut) friend. He absolutely hates it but how on earth can I support him when I neither have a penis nor one that wouldn't have been cut if I did?

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I don’t think the different norm where you’re from nor your lack of a penis really impact your ability to support him. Just be a good friend, let him know that his feelings are valid and that you agree with his views, and be there to listen to him if he wants to talk about it. Be careful not to speak over his emotions or experiences, and if you ever progress to the point of doing anything sexual with him, try not to mention anything about the difference in experience between cut and uncut that might make him feel bad about himself. You also may want to mention restoring to him, but don’t be too pushy about him. Don’t make him feel like his penis is broken (he probably already feels that way), just make him aware, if he isn’t already, that it’s an option.


if i give you a boner please tell me so i can feel good about myself


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We need sex-ed because: I had a female teacher in catholic school tell a room full of girls that the clitoris does not exist

- anonymous

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