Hey all! I’ve queued this post to remind everyone that I’m away from this blog at the moment, and should return around the beginning of August. In the meantime, you can…

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Hey all! I’m going to be taking a short break from this blog, maybe for a week or so. I’ll be back in no time! In the meantime, you can…

-Read my FAQ!

-Look at this compilation of some of my more informative posts, and see if you learn anything new!

-Reblog some of the above posts and inform others!

-Send me Genitals of the Day submissions! I’ll post them as soon as I get back.

-Take my follower survey!

-Just send me a nice message to make me smile when I return!

-Ask me anything at all!

Take care, and talk to you guys soon :)


uncutting I thought you would enjoy this



uncutting I thought you would enjoy this


For those who don’t know, this is a real, legal thing. Among some ultra-orthodox Jewish communities, common practice is for the mohel (circumciser) to suck the blood from the infant’s penis.

I really wish I was making this shit up.

Unless Tumblr has added a new feature that I’m unaware of, blocking doesn’t actually prevent anyone from accessing your blog. All it does is prevent you from getting their messages, seeing their notes, and seeing them on your tracked tags, etc.

I know this doesn’t apply to 99% of you, but for the few of you who need to hear this:

I will fucking stop doing Genitals of the Day (or any body positive submissions) if you can’t be respectful enough to honor a request to not reblog the post. Yes, I realize this is Tumblr, where reblogging is a defining feature of the site. But I take pride in this blog being a safe place where people can feel comfortable opening up about subjects that aren’t so frequently discussed, and I don’t appreciate anyone ruining this sense of trust.

Some people don’t want such personal pictures being shared around the internet, and would prefer them to stay on just one blog run by a person they trust with followers that are generally a supportive community. They don’t want to risk winding up on anyone’s porn blog, where the body positive nature of the post is instead presented as erotic material. Is it so fucking hard to respect this? Or, if you don’t understand this distinction, why are you even on my blog?

And I realize that some of you who are guilty of this have done so on accident, but still, it’s not that hard to read the whole post before you reblog. I even put the “do not reblog” in bold, and it’s typically mentioned twice (once in the submitter’s caption, and once in my response). It’s really not that difficult to notice it.

Many people have told me that Genitals of the Day has really helped them with their body confidence, or that it’s educated them about genital anatomy, or that they simply find it fascinating. It’s a very positive thing, and I want to keep doing this. But I have no choice but to stop if the disrespect continues.

Genitals of the Day


With this submission for GotD i’d like to show the difference of my foreskin when my penis is flaccid, semi-erect and erect!

My foreskin normally covers the head when my penis is erect, but this time it rolled back a bit.


Thanks for submitting! It’s cool to see how genitalia can look so different aroused vs. unaroused.

Genitals of the Day is a daily celebration of the diversity and beauty of human genitals. If you’re interested in submitting for it, take a look at the guidelines!

Oh and also when in your life did you decide/realize you weren't happy with being cut. Was there some particular incident or enlightenment that encouraged it?

I was unhappy with being circumcised from the moment I learned about it, which was when I was about 11 years old. I was lucky enough that my first time learning about circumcision (when I read about it online) included all the factual information about the procedure, the damage it does, and the lack of real benefits. So I never had a period of accepting my circumcision like some others do; I knew from the start that it wasn’t a good thing.

Do you resent or hold any ill-feelings towards your parents for circumcising you?

Not really. I suppose I tend to be a forgiving person, and I don’t want to let this get in the way of my otherwise good relationship with my parents. I’m disappointed in them, sure, but my true resentment/anger is directed at those who have propagated medical misinformation and convinced several generations of parents that cutting off part of your child’s penis is somehow beneficial.

(That said, I don’t judge anyone who IS angry with their parents. It’s a very personal thing, and we all handle the feelings differently.)

This is my circumcision scar.



This is what I see every day to remind me that my penis was one day altered without my consent, in a procedure that I don’t remember but was likely bloody, painful, and emotionally traumatic.

(No reblogs, please)

I repost this every now and then because I think the scar left by circumcision is an important symbol of the permanence of such a violation.