Thank you for this blog <3 My "question" to you, as a European female, where the majority of the male population is uncut, am developing a crush on an American male (cut) friend. He absolutely hates it but how on earth can I support him when I neither have a penis nor one that wouldn't have been cut if I did?

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I don’t think the different norm where you’re from nor your lack of a penis really impact your ability to support him. Just be a good friend, let him know that his feelings are valid and that you agree with his views, and be there to listen to him if he wants to talk about it. Be careful not to speak over his emotions or experiences, and if you ever progress to the point of doing anything sexual with him, try not to mention anything about the difference in experience between cut and uncut that might make him feel bad about himself. You also may want to mention restoring to him, but don’t be too pushy about him. Don’t make him feel like his penis is broken (he probably already feels that way), just make him aware, if he isn’t already, that it’s an option.


if i give you a boner please tell me so i can feel good about myself


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We need sex-ed because: I had a female teacher in catholic school tell a room full of girls that the clitoris does not exist

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I kind of want to move some of the videos on my progress/video blog onto this blog, since I’m not really so concerned about limiting who I share them with anymore. But doesn’t Tumblr delete “sexually explicit” videos now? (Not that they’re actually sexually explicit, but they probably mean anything with nudity). I wonder if mine haven’t been deleted yet only because they’re on a password-protected blog and aren’t receiving much traffic. I just don’t want to jeopardize this blog by posting stuff that’s against Tumblr’s terms of service…

Is there any better method than crosstaping to extend a short (uncut) foreskin?

If you’re not cut, I’m guessing your foreskin has a lot of mobility even despite the shortness, right? Cross taping probably isn’t the right choice for you, as it’s mostly effective for those with a tight circumcision who are just starting out. I’d suggest… well, basically anything else. If you can comfortably pull the foreskin over the head, you have enough slack skin to wear pretty much any device, and manual tugging is always an option too.

Painting mucosal tissue - like the glans - is probably a bad idea. Does whoever did that know what's in that paint?

Probably not the best idea, but then again I Sharpie’d my glans once for shits and giggles years ago but survived.

Reason #372 I&#8217;m in favor of foreskins: this

Reason #372 I’m in favor of foreskins: this