Compilation of major posts

Here’s a compilation of my “essential” posts, for easy access:


-Why I’m against infant circumcision

-Ways my penis has been altered/damaged as a result of being circumcised

-How much sexual sensation is lost due to circumcision?

-An explanation of the differences between loose and tight circumcisions

-Inner and outer foreskin

-What can we do about it?

-Solutions for adult phimosis that don’t involve circumcision

-My response to ‘Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths About Circumcision, Part 1 (part 2 here; I have yet to do part 3)

-50 reasons to leave it alone (not my own work, but a very good list)

-Genital Integrity Awareness Week

Foreskin restoration:

-Introductory post on how and why I got started

-An explanation of how foreskin restoration works

-Common misconceptions about foreskin restoration

-Some methods and devices for foreskin restoration

-A summary of my restoration progress so far


-A history of foreskin restoration

-Ten things I’ve learned from foreskin restoration

-The monetary price of foreskin restoration

-What restoration devices look like underneath clothing (hint: you can’t see ‘em!)

The penis in general:

-A guide on giving handjobs to penises of varying levels of circumcision

-A similar guide for oral sex

-Keeping a penis (particularly one with foreskin) clean

-Link to a lesson on penile anatomy, and my thoughts



-My progress photos/demonstration videos

-Follower survey

-What I hope to achieve with this blog

-The clitoral hood chart

-Genitals of the Day