Ways my penis has been damaged/altered as a result of circumcision:

-A large portion of my foreskin has been removed. I’m lucky enough to have a decent amount of remaining inner foreskin, but I still have lost thousands of sexually sensitive nerve endings, including those in the ridged bands, a structure removed in virtually all circumcisions.

-My glans was left exposed, thus rubbing against my clothing all the time. As a result, it dried out, become tough and leathery, looks like it has small cracks, and developed a layer of keratin, dulling sexual response. If I lightly run my finger along my glans, I don’t even feel anything.

-There is a sudden change of color where my foreskin remnant meets my regular shaft skin, due to the skin in between being removed.

-Where these two portions of skin unnaturally meet is a scar, in the form of a thick brown ring.

-My frenulum is partially missing. The remnant I have is not particularly sensitive, and does not perform its intended function of tethering the foreskin to the glans to aid in coverage.

-I have a small adhesion of the foreskin remnant to the front side of my corona (ridge of the glans). This is a somewhat common artifact of circumcision. In some cases, there is a gap under the adhesion, and this is known as a skin bridge.

-Due to there being less skin on my penis, a small amount of my pubic and scrotal skin is pulled onto the shaft. This results in me having slightly more hair on the base of the shaft than I’m supposed to.

All this, yet I have what is considered to be a less damaging form of circumcision. In many cases, all of the foreskin and frenulum is removed, the remaining skin is completely unable to move (which is a crucial element of how penis-in-vagina sex is supposed to function), more skin is removed on one side than the other, so much skin is removed that erections become uncomfortable or painful, and/or the penis is left almost completely unable to orgasm

Circumcision is far more than a little snip.

  1. pizzaworms said: i would be SO eternally upset if i knew that my sex organs weren’t as sensitive as they were supposed to be. that’s just so unfair :<
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