wow i didnt know the clitoral hood was the female equivalent to the foreskin, that really puts it into perspective

Yeah, I think pointing out the equivalence of the clitoral hood to the foreskin is a good tool for helping people understand circumcision. If you wouldn’t remove a clitoral hood, why remove a foreskin, which is essentially the same part? Or to reach them on a more personal level, if you have a clitoral hood and wouldn’t want to part with that, why should you expect someone with a foreskin to part with theirs?

Other individual parts of the genitals have direct equivalents. The glans is equivalent to the clitoris, the testicles to the ovaries, the scrotum to the outer labia, etc. Here’s a detailed list. I was actually thinking of making a homologue chart sometime, similar to the clitoral hood chart I made a few months ago. If anyone’s interested in helping, let me know!

  1. twentysomethingpuppy said: I can’t even imagine not having a clitoral hood. My clit is so sensitive that I can’t even touch it directly, so that provides a good barrier. That definitely helps put it in perspective.
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