If you are ever presented with a multifaceted social problem [HIV/AIDS] and the first solution that springs to your mind is “We’d better cut off part of everyone’s penis,” you might want to consider another line of work.
Fatherhood for Geeks, quoted in Evolutionary Parenting, May 20, 2014
Is there even scientific proof that circumcision reduces risk of HIV?

Nope, there are some studies claiming this, but they were rather flawed studies and ultimately don’t indicate any real benefit.

Links to check out:

-CIRP’s page on circumcision and HIV
-Doctors Opposing Circumcision’s HIV Statement
-How the circumcision solution in Africa will increase HIV infection
-Circumcision Not a Cure-all for AIDS

And even if there WERE some conclusive benefit, it still doesn’t justify circumcision any more than say, routine mastectomies to prevent breast cancer. We can’t just go around removing useful body parts en masse just because they *might* have a problem at some point.

sithempire submitted:

Basically this was a research trial where 922 Ugandan HIV-infected men were used to study the transmission of HIV from cirmcumcised and uncut men to their female partners. All the men started out uncut, but about half were immediately circumcised. The study was cut short, but in the end, results put HIV transmission from the circumcised group higher than the uncut group.

*Btw, the female partners were completely unaware their male partners were infected.

The article was referenced in this video that you should check out also.

If tell people circumcision reduces disease transmission, that will also reduce the amount of people using condoms; increasing transmission of STD’s, STI’s, and HIV/AIDS. What kind of message are these people trying to send??


This reminds me of a paper I’ve read, How the circumcision solution in Africa will increase HIV infections. It’s a serious issue; circumcision is being treated almost as a vaccine in these countries, and this false sense of security is just going to increase disease rates, as other safe sex methods are underutilized.

WTF at the female partners not being aware.

Also, it’s disappointing to see Bill and Melinda Gates contribute their funds to this sort of thing. (On a related note, Bill and Hillary Clinton have also gotten involved in pro-circumcision things, which is very disappointing since I otherwise like both of them.)

My grandfather was circumcised with a reed, and my father and I were circumcised by a Gillette blade. I still remember it. When the man came to circumcise the boys they were taken to a separate place and kept behind a kind of screen. I was five years old and very curious to see what was happening. I went to see, and they saw me and grabbed me too. I am still angry about that.
A Ugandan businessman quoted in “The Masque of Africa" by V. S. Naipaul, October 2010

The whole article is a good read, but here a few excerpts I found the most striking:

-“[T]housands of young men and boys risk injury and even death to undergo the procedure during ‘inititiation schools’ in the bush … Many were found near death and treated for dehydration, sepsis and gangrene, health officials told the BBC. ’After about a week in the bush, I started losing weight and became really weak. I noticed that my penis had become swollen,’ said the teenager, who asked not be named because he feared being victimised. ’I was taken to hospital where it later fell off because of the severe infection.’ Nurses said he had suffered a ‘spontaneous amputation’ due to gangrene.”

-“While many initiates visit well-established schools, hundreds fall prey to bogus surgeons each year. ‘Many of the iingcibi [traditional surgeons] today are untrained and are not qualified to perform the circumcision,’ says Chief Jongumhlaba Hlangu, a traditional leader in Nqgeleni, a village a few kilometres outside Mthatha. ‘The practice has become a way for chancers to make money.’”

-“Botched circumcisions have led to the deaths of more than 240 boys - some as young as 13 - in the last five years, officials say.” (If you do the math, this is on average about one death per week- and this is JUST the country of South Africa.)

-“Nosibulele Sqwinta, 38, is still mourning the death of her son, Lihle. ‘I don’t even know who performed the procedure. When I ask around, no-one wants to talk to me,’ she says. 'It is very painful and frustrating for me.'”

And the answer to the question of “Why?”: Circumcision is seen as a rite of passage into manhood by some South African ethnic groups. Males who have not undergone the ritual are not considered real men; they are ridiculed and ostracised.

This article makes me extremely angry. Here are a few gems:

"The studies are clear: Circumcising heterosexual men reduces their infection rate by at least 60 percent and some studies show it’s by 65 percent or more" (If by clear they mean, flawed in multiple ways.)

"[Hillary] Clinton praised a group of at least a dozen Zimbabwean legislators who got themselves circumcised last week. ‘That’s the kind of leadership we welcome,’ she said." (I wonder if Mrs. Clinton would demonstrate “leadership” if there was suddenly encouragement of clitoridectomy.)

"Kaggwa … said men will come up with any excuse not to be circumcised: they are busy, it will take too much time, it will hurt. These are just lame excuses, he said." (I’m glad Kaggwa doesn’t feel that circumcision has affected his sex life, but I’d be curious to hear him claim the same after a few years of keratinization. Not to mention he has no business accusing people of “making excuses” for not subjecting themselves to bodily alteration based on medical fraud.)

Circumcision for Zimbabwe MP’s

redobsidian submitted:

Hey, I don’t know if you heard about this piece or not, but I think you will be interested! It’s about circumcision for Zimbabwe’s MP’S. Let me know what you think! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-18549968


I hadn’t heard about this! Thanks for showing me. It’s a shame how many people are going to be duped into circumcision as a result of this.



The creator of the next poster must seriously believe Ugandans are complete idiots:

Is Annette planning on having her husband cheat on her?

With an HIV+ partner? 

Without a condom?

Is that what she’s so “proud” of?

What chances of getting HIV do you have if you’re faithful and use condoms?

“Stand proud,” but get circumcised to please a woman that balks at your penis?

Because she can’t trust you to keep your penis in your pants, let alone use a condom? 


Way to tell a man to be proud of the man he is.

Way to tell him how much you trust him. 

Should a woman sleep with a circumcised man regardless of his HIV status?

What if the man is intact, but knows he is HIV negative?

Should the woman still negate sex with him and demand he be circumcised?

Every day, we are told that women’s bodies should be respected.

We hear that violence against women in Africa is a big problem.

So the solution is to encourage the disrespect, ridicule and genital mutilation of men? 

In very tiny letters, one can barely read the disclaimer of this poster which reads:

“Even with circumcision, having sex without a condom puts you at great risk for contracting HIV/AIDS.”

Even if you’re married and faithful, apparently…

Dogon, African ethnic tribe


Something I learned in Anthropology 104:

The Dogon practice male circumcision for three reasons,… One of the reasons - 3.) Circumcision allows a male to “suffer in his sex” (note that it’s ‘suffer in his sex’, not ‘suffer during sex’). The Dogon believe that males should have sexuality-related pain at least once in their lives so they can better understand the sexuality-related pain that women regularly have through menarche (first menstrual period) and childbirth.


Well that’s interesting. Doesn’t make it right, but still interesting!

This is absolutely terrible news, considering the AAP’s previous stance of not endorsing circumcision. It’s frustrating and saddening how the HIV studies in Africa, despite being flawed, are influencing many people’s support of circumcision.