Hi i have a question and I am guessing you/your followers may be the best to ask - anything i'd need to do differently if im going down on an intact guy? I've thusfar only been with cut guys but its good to prepare for the future

Hopefully my oral sex guide can help you with that. If you (or anyone else) have any other questions, feel free to ask!

It's 12:37AM and I'm reading about circumcision myths and have this look of utter disgust on my face for reasons mostly in the second or third of the five links on the post

Sadly, I’ve encountered more than a few people who believe those particular myths. The ones in part 3 are really damn frustrating.

For anyone who didn’t see the original post, check out Psychology Today’s six-part series “Myths About Circumcision You Likely Believe”. It’s one of the best articles I’ve read in regards to debunking the common reasons that circumcision is practiced. If you’re not familiar with the circumcision debate or don’t know why it’s controversial, please give this a read. And even if you are well-informed, it’s worth a look anyway, as it’s a great source of information if you’re trying to talk to somebody about the topic.

Question from a follower:

"Being uncircumcised, when I have sex, I don’t normally pull back my foreskin because that makes it so sensitive it can hurt. But I have been with woman who try to pull it back, like that’s the right thing. I’m curious how many uncircumcised men pull it back versus leaves up it when having sex."


I hate to say this because I don't want any cut people to feel bad but intact penises are so fucking pretty (most of the time) like they SHINE BEAUTIFUL PINK

I know right! I’d love for my glans to have that color/texture.

Anonymous submitted:

Had sex with an uncircumcised man for the first time last weekend and it was incredible! All the stereotypes are correct, at least in my experience: felt more natural, he lasted longer, and he was much more sensitive around the frenulum - he seemed to be able to enjoy a blowjob even more than cut guys. So yea, it was awesome.


That’s great! I’m glad you both enjoyed it. Having a frenulum and a glans that hasn’t been desensitized really does make a huge difference in oral sex!

Can you do a post of how to clean an intact infant?

Sure thing. I do have a general post about penile hygiene here, but it’s pretty old and could probably benefit from a rewrite/update, so I’ll try to work on that soon.

Check the sidebar on the right for your state. Though obviously not a comprehensive list, it’s still a great resource!

And in no way was I bashing circ'd guys (I just reread my ask and thought I probably should've reworded it). Both are beautiful and no one should be ashamed of their genitals! Like women, every penis is different. And in the end it all matters on what the guy does to work it :P xx

No worries, I didn’t think you were bashing anyone for being circumcised, I just added that note to be on the safe side.

Intact, circumcised, restored, no penis, whatever someone has, it’s nothing to feel bad about! :)

Anonymous submitted:

The man I love and have loved for the past few years is uncut. This never shocked me due to the fact that I learned at a young age that circumcision is a thing that happens to men—which I have always found weird. Though, do not misunderstand me, both uncut and cut penises are beautiful. Speaking as a woman, the genitalia of the person whom we love is the best <3. So do not be afraid to show off dat dick! Uncut or cut, it doesn’t matter; it’s you!


Thanks for this! Many of us, both circumcised and not, appreciate the encouragement :)

"So I was wondering, are there any particular type of condoms that work better for uncircumcised men? My main man just can’t wear them. They physically hurt him."

It’s not a problem I’ve run into, so does anyone have any advice?