And in no way was I bashing circ'd guys (I just reread my ask and thought I probably should've reworded it). Both are beautiful and no one should be ashamed of their genitals! Like women, every penis is different. And in the end it all matters on what the guy does to work it :P xx

No worries, I didn’t think you were bashing anyone for being circumcised, I just added that note to be on the safe side.

Intact, circumcised, restored, no penis, whatever someone has, it’s nothing to feel bad about! :)

Anonymous submitted:

The man I love and have loved for the past few years is uncut. This never shocked me due to the fact that I learned at a young age that circumcision is a thing that happens to men—which I have always found weird. Though, do not misunderstand me, both uncut and cut penises are beautiful. Speaking as a woman, the genitalia of the person whom we love is the best <3. So do not be afraid to show off dat dick! Uncut or cut, it doesn’t matter; it’s you!


Thanks for this! Many of us, both circumcised and not, appreciate the encouragement :)

"So I was wondering, are there any particular type of condoms that work better for uncircumcised men? My main man just can’t wear them. They physically hurt him."

It’s not a problem I’ve run into, so does anyone have any advice?

I need some help from either you, or your followers. My 6 mo old was forcibly retracted. As a precaution, I'm doing what the WHOLE network recommends for treatment (air, baths). However, at the time, he showed no signs of pain, and atm I can't tell if he's in pain due to vaccines. Is it at all possible that he is already able to naturally retract? I'm NOT going to do it (he can do it on his own). I guess I need to know if he will be okay.

That’s awful, I’m sorry that happened! My followers will probably be of more help than me on this one. But I did see your original post, and you said it wasn’t pulled too far back, right? I’m sure it won’t be too detrimental, and it’s an especially good sign that he didn’t seem to be in pain from it.

I don’t know whether or not it’s possible for a 6 month old to be able to naturally retract, but I have heard of it for kids as young as 2 or 3 years old, so I wouldn’t rule it out. Followers with intact kids, what has your experience been?

Is there a general consensus on people preferring cut or uncut? I can't ask any of the people I know because it's pretty embarrassing to me.

It’s really hard to give a general consensus, as opinions are so mixed, and there are a lot of people in each of these “groups.” There are people who won’t even touch an intact penis, those who will accept it very begrudgingly, those who don’t mind one way or the other, or have a very weak preference, those who think circumcision is senseless but aren’t so passionate about it, the hardcore intactivists… there’s really no general statement on what people prefer.

That said, I can say that less and less people people these days are repulsed by foreskin as compared to previous times, and the amount of people who recognize that foreskin is okay will only grow. It also varies geographically: the West coast generally is the most pro-foreskin, while the Northeast and Midwest are the least accepting. There’s a pretty interesting map of circumcision rates by state here.

I can remember being younger and (as a gay guy) I was watching gay porn (with shame, because I had some pretty serious self-loathing stemming from my school life, new hormones and religious parents, but that's another story!) and seeing uncircumcised penises and being confused as all hell because I'd never seen anything but cut dicks so I was completely confused and couldn't ask anyone about it. It wasn't until a year or so later that I finally learned of circumcision.

It’s a shame that so many young people live without even KNOWING they’ve been altered in such a huge way. It’s bad enough that this is done when we’re not even old enough to remember it happening, and the fact that many of us aren’t even told, and have to discover it ourselves, just makes that even more messed up.

I was 10 when I learned about circumcision. I had stumbled onto some info about it on a message board I frequented as a kid. Prior to that, I had just assumed my penis was as it should be, and that everyone else’s was too. It’s a rude awakening!

okay so I don't really understand, so people say to circumcise babies because it keeps them from getting infections, but why aren't supposed to clean under the foreskin, if they are uncircumcised? Won't they get infected if you don't clean under there?

You’re supposed to clean under the foreskin once it’s able to retract. However, in infants and young children, it isn’t able to retract, as the foreskin is still fused to the glans. Therefore, no dirt is able to get under there in the first place, so there’s no need to clean it. Forcing the skin back before it’s naturally ready to can cause damage to the penis.

Hi I am uncut and have been having a problem with getting splits or tears in my foreskin during sex, I don't notice until after of cause and it then becomes quite painfull do you have any advice, I am married so I only have sex with my wife. Thanks

Do you have a particularly tight foreskin (i.e. needs a bit of force to fully retract, if it can at all)? It may be beneficial to do some stretching exercises or use creams to loosen it up a little. I wrote a post about ways to treat phimosis, which could apply to you: http://uncutting.tumblr.com/post/30180562464/

It also might help to use lube when you have sex, if you don’t already.

If anyone else has advice, chime in!

the unspoken aspects of having a foreskin


Realizing this is life-intact’s long form essay, and that we both follow him on tumblr already, I thought it might be worth posting this link to it just because it’s so powerful, wonderful, etc.


Definitely! I read this when it was first posted, and it’s excellent. I strongly recommend this to anyone has 10-15 minutes to read it.

Something I've always wondered about the ridged band is this: Does it scrunch up and protect the glans from cold weather like the The cremasteric reflex does for the testes? Cone someone intact respond to this plz?

This is a good question! Can anyone answer this?