Note that this doesn’t include circumcisions performed outside of the hospital (i.e. by a pediatrician, or as part of the Jewish bris ceremony), so the overall circumcision rates are a little higher than what’s shown here. But it still paints a pretty accurate portrait of how common (or in a few states, uncommon) circumcision is in the US. You’ll also notice that the states where it’s no longer Medicaid funded are also the ones where the procedure is less common.

I’m ashamed that it’s 80% in my state.

A prepared letter from Colorado NOCIRC (read my last post before this to put this in context)

"If you live in Colorado or know someone who does, please read this important message from NOCIRC of Colorado.


We need your help THIS WEEK!”

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From a follower of mine:

Colorado is considering putting routine infant circumcision back under Medicaid program, calling it something like an important preventative health measure.

The bill is already written and introduced.

The measure came off of coverage only last year.

I know you have many followers, and can reach many, many people.  Would you be willing to cover this on your tumblr?  You could reach many, many people if you did.  Even if you aren’t from CO, it would be relevant, and could encourage others to write their congressmen.”

I’d absolutely be willing to. I’ll post NOCIRC’s open letter in a bit.


Intaction: Colorado becomes 18th State to eliminate Medicaid funding for infant circumcision
Colorado Medicaid Provider Bulletin states “Elimination of Reimbursement for Circumcision Effective for dates of service on or after July 1, 2011, the Department will no longer reimburse claims for circumcision.” Colorado now joins other enlightened states in the US by no longer having the government pay for elective surgery for infant boys. The government should not be paying for any elective surgery, particularly one like male infant circumcision that has the potential of causing lifelong harm by cutting off part of the male’s sex organ.