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Calling males around the world who have been negatively affected by circumcision:

An international online Survey of Circumcision Harm was launched recently through a grassroots collaboration of Canadian and U.S. volunteers. CircumcisionHarm.info will allow men around the world with access to a computer to document the adverse effects of childhood genital cutting on their health and well-being and to upload photos of their harm. Statistical results from the survey will be publicly viewable at no charge, with specialized filtered reports available to anyone for a nominal fee.

According to the Canadian website, the project was launched “because the medical community has never investigated the long-term adverse physical, sexual, emotional or psychological consequences of infant/childhood circumcision on the health of adult men… due, in part, to many men with such harm not being comfortable enough to speak with others about these issues, or not being given a safe venue in which to document these adverse consequences.”

The surveyors expressed hope that documenting such consequences and making the results publicly accessible “will provide a starting point for dialogue about the long-term adverse consequences of male genital cutting… that will be investigated by medical communities and taken seriously by the wider societies where customs of male childhood genital cutting occur.” The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete.


A critique of a common argument used by critics of the proposed male infant circumcision ban for San Francisco and Santa Monica, California. Critics often claim that it is better to circumcise babies because men will not like to have their sex organs cut as an adult. Duh! The critique is that, generally, adults do not get circumcised in any great numbers. Very few men willingly choose to be circumcised. Why should we do it to baby boys?

"I’m writing this article because this is probably one of the most frequent misconceptions that I encounter. It seems that everyone knows of a child or man who ‘had’ to be circumcised due to a tight foreskin, also known as phimosis. When people hear these stories, most of them do not question the validity of the diagnosis and treatment and simply accept it as, "What had to be done". Could it really be that so many men were designed with such a flaw or is this really just an epidemic of misdiagnosis courtesy of widely foreskin-ignorant medical professionals?

In this article, I will give an overview of the development of the intact male and explain why the diagnosis of phimosis in children and teens is entirely phony. Additionally, I will outline what is true phimosis, its proper treatment, and why our doctors are so confused.”

A fairly new intactivist blog. From its owner: 

"Education and critical thinking lead me to intactivism. I hope I can spread knowledge and inspire the same kind of critical thinking in others. I have put together a quick links resource list to help intactivists quickly and easily find helpful links to share in debates, and I’ll be sharing some of my personal thoughts and arguments used regarding the issue of genital integrity 

I’m NOT here to pass judgment on parents who made what they thought was the right decision for their son’s health. Our parents and health professionals in the U.S. are one more generation of people duped by the Victorian myths about circumcision, and the continued attempts to justify this practice. I know that no loving parent would choose to harm their child. When we know better, we do better. 

Thanks for your time and thanks for saving babies!”



Gloria Lemay Birth Blog: Circumcision: dirty little secrets exposed

A list of circumcision tragedies. The list identifies botched circumcisions with a terrible outcome. The worst possible outcome for an infant is death by circumcision. Gloria Lemay compiles an extensive list of circumcision deaths. The list is incomplete because many circumcision related deaths show the cause of death as hemorrhage or bleeding or infection. But if not for the circumcision, the child would have not suffered from those causes of death. Other botched circumcisions leave the child alive, but with a damaged penis. Yet another type of circumcision tragedy listed are those done by parents obsessed with circumcising their child. A  recent case is told of a mother circumcising her 3-month old son with a box cutter knife.

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People who use “he won’t remember it” as an excuse for circumcising their baby boys…


If I drug you with something which makes sure that you won’t remember a thing afterwards, does that make it okay for me to torture you for an hour, leaving permanent marks upon your body, without any warning, let alone consent?



Expecting a boy?


I noticed a few people who are following me are expecting boys, so I just want to post some info. =]

In 2009, 68% of parents said no to circumcision. Circumcision is not recommended by any medical association in the world. There are no health benefits. It does not help prevent against STDs or HIV (only condoms and safe sex can.) Circumcision removes over 20,000 nerve endings from the penis and is extremely painful. Risks of circumcision include excessive bleeding, infection, loss of penis, or even death.

It is purely cosmetic and just like a tummy tuck or a boob job, that choice should be left to the owner of the penis.

An intact penis is extremely easy to care for. First, no open wound to deal with. You never retract the foreskin! The foreskin is fused to the head (glans) of the penis. Forced retraction will cause tearing which can lead to infection. It will retract on it’s own anywhere from toddler-hood to puberty. You just wipe it like a finger!

(When intact, don’t retract. Only clean what is seen.)

Here’s some great links to check out:








Why some guys are adamant about circumcision: http://www.udonet.com/circumcision/vincent/vulnerability_of_men.html

If you’re religious:

Christian Perspective - What the Bible Really Says About Circumcision:


Biblical Circumcision Information:


Foreskin is not a birth defect. Make an informed decision, and bring your whole baby home! =]


Intactivists: Keratinization and Circumcision Status

An illustration of an intact penis showing the shiny glans. The typical circumcised penis has a keratinized glans and does not look at all like the picture. The difference between an intact penis and a circumcised is striking. Before I started restoring my foreskin, my glans penis was keratinized, dry, rough, and skin colored. Now, after restoring my foreskin and having my glans protected by my restored foreskin, my glans is shiny and purple-colored like the picture.


Ask Dan & Jennifer: Can A Man Restore His Foreskin After Circumcision?

Men who have had successful prepuce restorations report that not only are sex and masturbation better, but they also feel emotionally satisfied that they now have  their foreskin back after having it taken from them without their  consent as babies. It can give a man a sense of feeling like he’s gotten  back something he’s lost. Female partners of men who have had this done  are also pleased with the results, because sex feels better for them  too.


Ask Dan & Jennifer: Can A Man Restore His Foreskin After Circumcision?

Men who have had successful prepuce restorations report that not only are sex and masturbation better, but they also feel emotionally satisfied that they now have their foreskin back after having it taken from them without their consent as babies. It can give a man a sense of feeling like he’s gotten back something he’s lost. Female partners of men who have had this done are also pleased with the results, because sex feels better for them too.



OK. I’m about to share my opinions and facts on a very touchy subject. If you don’t like it, too bad. These are my feelings and this is my tumblr page.


Of course you all know it’s the operation in which the male’s foreskin genitalia is cut/clipped/snipped off… either shortly after he is born, or later on in his life.

     I for one do not agree with this ‘surgery.’ And I will tell you why I refuse to do such a thing to any son[s] that I may have in my life. First, I feel like it’s an unnecessary, cosmetic altering of appearance. What if it was a common thing for people to lob off a body part that is deemed ‘useless,’ by vast numbers of doctors. Such as say, your ears. Because even without the ear on the side of your head, you’d still be able to hear… but not as well as you would if the outside part were still attached. I feel this way about male foreskins. There is no way on the face of this earth, that every little infant boy is born with the same ‘birth defect.’

     For those of you who think, oh well it’s just a piece of skin and he won’t miss it [or feel the pain when it’s cut]… think AGAIN. Sure he may not miss it, but if said ‘he’ does his research on what his penis is missing, he may become upset and not be a happy man. The foreskin makes up almost half of the skin of a penis. It is an extension of the shaft, folding over to protect the head. Foreskins provide necessary mobility for frictionless sex and masturbation. It has three widely known functions: protective, immune defense, and sexual. There are about 10,000 nerve endings and several feet of blood vessels. An adult male foreskin, unfolded and spread out, is about the size of a regular index card [3x5 inches], much more than ‘just skin.’ Sexually active men who were circumcised in adulthood claimed a decrease in sexual pleasure and comfort because of the loss of sensitive nerve endings, skin mobility, and natural lubrication!   

     Also, you always hear people/doctors/surgeons tell everyone how much cleaner a penis is when it is circumcised, rather than when it is not. This is NOT, I repeat NOT, true. Washing and taking care of an uncirc’d penis is damn near the same as those who are circ’d, up until puberty when the foreskin should be retracted regularly in the shower/bath; and washed with soap and water. TA-DA! Not that difficult people…

     Circumcision removes the protective portion of the mobile shaft skin, which is intended to cover the head of the penis. Having your son[s] cut, exposes and ‘erodes’ the sensitive tissue, resulting in a buildup of keratin and creates a dry, desensitized part of the penis. Contrary to popular belief, more sensation when a male is intact does not lead to control problems. Such as premature ejaculation.

     It also does not prevent AIDS or STDs. Some studies show that circumcision has a SLIGHT preventative effect for AIDS and STDs; while other studies’ outcomes show an opposite effect, especially for Chlamydia. When it comes down to it: a male’s sexual practices [such as using protective coverings for the penis] have a much greater efficiency on the chance of not becoming/ becoming infected rather than their ‘circ status.’ [oh, and it does not prevent penile cancer.] 

     Circumcision is WRONG. It is a crime to allow parents to mutilate their children. Yes, I said mutilate. Baby females get protective rights not to have a clitoridectomy, so why not boys the same with circumcision?! If your mouth dropped open about little girls being circ’d/mutilated, look it up. It is real and it does happen. In the US there is a law against it. Shouldn’t we be fighting protect all of our infants, male and female?? Think about it.

[side note: [Most surgeons say it’s necessary, ONLY because they get a chunk of the money made from chopping off a chunk of a perfectly normal, healthy penis. Only now-a-days, they are realizing that it is not mandatory… yet still do it for the money, and to please the child mutilating parents.] ]